If it’s 9 o’clock on Monday evening, it’s time for the Shields Report.

The Shields Report is place for libertarians and constitutional conservatives to get much needed updates and background on issues and events that concern all freedom loving Americans.

Here’s what we’re up against: Radical collectivists of varied flavors, having varied agendas, but with one common strategy: They are trying to force their collective, progressive agendas down our individual throats. (In the case of the militant homosexuals, the metaphor is quite apt.)

We long for, and fervently urge a return to the days of old, when the cars were beautifully designed for comfort and the women were built for speed. In the great American days following World War Two, life and love was exciting and the promise of free market prosperity was ambient. Our daily business was lubricated with Rock and Roll, streaming from juke boxes and AM radio. Disc Jockeys had personality. Women wore tight sweaters. Men’s shoes had thick leather soles and could be refurbished when needed. Women did not join the military in large numbers, or serve in combat or combat related roles. Girls picked the roses, boys punched the noses.

As kids, we played stick ball in the streets. Every family had 5, 6, 7 or more kids. You had one father, and he was male. Your mother probably did not work, and if she did, it was something your father was not proud of.

There were kids who rode buses to school, but they lived out in the country. They were called farmers. Yes, there were turf wars and gang fights, but the weapons involved were fists, and when it was over, there were a few black eyes, and swollen lips, and the guy you fought, frequently became your best friend.

Older folks were spoken to with respect, without regard for their station in life. It was yes Sir, or no Ma’am. Nuns, priests  and lay teachers held positions of power and respect, and failing in grade school, meant you repeated the year with a new set of friends.

The Shields Report is an attempt to turn back the clock. The way it was, is the way we want it again. We reject the gutter culture of socialist thugs who wear their trousers below their buttocks, holding them up by grabbing their package. We reject the new mixture of sports, entertainment and pop culture, and long for the days when home run hitters casually tipped their caps and disappeared into the dugout. Where have you gone, Joe Dimaggio?

We revere the constitution, the individual rights that the document protects,  and the founders that made it possible. We believe that people have a right to life, and a right to protect that life by carrying a firearm. We believe that people have a right to liberty which means they have a right to be left alone, free from government intrusion, and free to contract with other individuals on a voluntary basis, and free to associate as their individual consciences dictates.

We believe that when you scratch the surface of progressive initiatives, you will always find an agenda of wealth re-distribution. That is to say, you will find an effort to take property, by force, from folks who earned it and who it properly belongs to, and give it over to leeches, losers and liberal causes, home and abroad, and all in violation of the constitution and natural law.

This is the Shields Report. Sixty solid minutes of common sense. Some folks don’t understand it – that’s why they don’t demand it. I am your sixty minute man, William A. Shields, my friends call me Willie. I’m gentle when stroked, but fierce when provoked. Our call in number is 856-696-0092. Write it on the kitchen wall right next to the telephone: 856-696-0092.  It’s the Shields Report, every Monday at 9:00 PM, right here on Cruisin’ 92.1, and live on the World Wide Web at WVLT.COM. Here’s one more thing to write down. My email address: WSHIELDS@COMCAST.NET (repeat) If you want to contact me off the air with issues or concerns, ship me an email, I promise to get back you in a timely fashion.

Now. And this is important. If you are looking for a good read, try my novel, entitled EXIT 13A. It’s a story about a libertarian and a Doo Wop fanatic, who, along with a cabal of renegade air traffic controllers, find themselves in a fight against the federal government, and the FAA’s progressive agenda. The book is available in two places:;, or you can get it from Val Shively at R&B Records, 49 Garret Road in Upper Darby, Pa. Call Val at 610-352-2320. Val also sells 45 RPM records, and some of them are in good condition. Ask for EXIT 13A, By William A. Shields.

Every week I tell you that we are constantly lobbing hand grenades of truth into machine gun nests of government lies and mainstream media mendacity. We are leading a spirited bayonet charge into the heart of liberal agendas, slashing and jabbing and sinking cold steel into the meat of any socialist ideas that we encounter from time to time. Apart from all of that frivolity, we occasionally entertain an interesting guest and tonight is no exception.

My guest is a well respected  person in conservative circles as well as a media pundit in her own right. Her political chops are unmatched, except maybe by her brother, Pat Buchanan. I’m speaking of course about Bay Buchanan, Campaign manager for three presidential campaigns, Treasurer of Ronald Reagan’s two successful Presidential campaigns, author of two books, The extreme makeover of Hillary Clinton, and Bay and her Boys, a senior advisor to Mitt Romney and the youngest person to ever serve as Treasurer of The United States. Bay, it’s an honor to have you on the Shields Report. How are you?